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Current terms and conditions apply when using Finansi’s services, except if otherwise agreed in writing. When using or other of Finansi’s controlled channels (hereinafter the Website), you (hereinafter the User) accept all the below terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy .


Finansi markets with a commercial purpose responsible loan mediation on good terms from a non-representative part of the lenders on the Swedish market (hereafter Supplier), which means that these loans should not be considered a complete range of all offered loans. Responsible loan brokerage means that the User is clearly informed about all relevant terms and prices of products offered and all additional rights and obligations thereto before a possible covering of a loan agreement between the User and the Supplier.

Personal data

When using the Website, including but not limited to forms and calculators, the User accepts that general and personal information may be continuously recorded (including but not limited to name, e-mail address, credit information, income, etc.) among other things with regard to to subsequent data exchanges with the Supplier in connection with the design of a loan offer.

Finansi ensures that all communication between Finansi and the User via the Website is encrypted, that particularly sensitive personal data is stored encrypted at Finansi and that any data exchange with the Supplier is also encrypted.

Other information regarding how Finansi handles the User’s personal data is stated in our privacy policy.


By accepting Finansi’s terms of use, pressing the application buttons, and/or submitting the Application Form, the User consents to the fact that collected data can be handed over by Finansi to the Supplier in connection with carrying out a further credit report, and that the User can thus automatically be forwarded to the Supplier’s technical platform.

Finansi may receive a commission from the Supplier in connection with the application, loan offer and/or data exchange.


Finansi is not a lender and does not offer lending or other financial products. All offers for lending to the User are specified by the Supplier, and the credit assessment, financing and other relevant processes take place through the Supplier mentioned in the offer.

Finansi is not a party to the loan offer, nor to any loan agreements which have been mediated through the website. Finansi can receive a commission from the Supplier when forwarding the application.

Finance’s obligations

Finansi’s purpose is to create a platform for advice through the Website, where the User can find information and possibly apply for a loan offer from the Supplier. Finansi is then obliged to ensure that all information regarding loan terms, prices and product information is consistent with what is disclosed by the Supplier. After that, Finansi is obliged to ensure that all marketing takes place within Swedish laws and also follows the standard for good behavior for financial businesses.

User rights

The user can at any time, with regard to the Act on the processing of personal data, be informed of how Finansi processes personal data, what information is registered about the user and which partners the information is possibly exchanged with.

Other information regarding how Finansi handles the User’s personal data is stated in our privacy policy.

Information about consent to marketing

When using the form and/or application through the Website, the User can give consent to receive marketing from Finansi. The consent ensures that Finansi can give the User the best possible experience when applying for a loan offer through Finansi. Upon consent, it is accepted that Finansi uses the information provided by the User to market Finansi’s and its partners’ services and products via e-mail, SMS or other similar media.

Finansi may receive a commission for forwarding the partners’ services and information to the User. The user’s data will never be forwarded or sold to a third party without consent.

Consent to receive communications from Finansi can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Finansi’s Customer Service, by writing to [email protected], by automatically unsubscribing via a link in sent e-mails or other written contact to Finansi.

Complaint notification

Should problems or misunderstandings arise when using Finansi’s services, and it is felt that the Customer Service does not treat you satisfactorily as expected, the following complaint options are available:

Finansi’s Complaints Officer can be contacted by sending an e-mail to [email protected], where it is stated what the problem is about.

If it is desired to submit a complaint regarding Finansi’s processing of personal data, the above complaint possibilities can also be used. If a complaint about the processing of personal data against the wait is not handled satisfactorily, it can be forwarded to the Data Inspectorate’s address: DATAINSPEKTIONEN, Postal address Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm.

If it is desired to complain about the marketing carried out by Finansi, after a reference to Finansi’s Customer Service, it can also be sent to the Consumer Ombudsman via their website.

If it is desired to submit a complaint about the loan itself, this can be referred directly to the Supplier or the Appeal to the Financial Supervisory Authority via

Amortization of liability

Finansi cannot be held liable for the information provided on the Website, this also applies to any problems that arise with partners, other third parties or other conditions, which are beyond Finansi’s control, including but not limited to impaired or missing access to IT systems, sabotage, computer viruses etc. In addition, Finansi cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages that arise in the event that a possible application on the Website cannot be forwarded to, received, or processed by the Supplier.

Finansi can in no way be held liable for conditions and/or agreements entered into between the User and the Supplier. This also applies in the event that the loan offer or loan agreement is mediated through Finansi’s platform.