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Collaborative partner

Etsilaina is a service provided by Firstborn Group LTD, a UK based marketing company. Firstborn Group / Etsilaina cooperates with Omalaina (Sambla Group Oy) and Axolaina (Axo Finance Oy) (referred to as “partners” below). The Partners are loan brokers responsible for the registration, processing, mediation and brokerage of your loan application. Firstborn Group / Etsilaina is solely responsible for forwarding your application to the Partners and not the lending nor brokerage itself. We draw your attention to the fact that we receive a commission on the basis of applications that are forwarded to our partner.

Your safety in focus

We always use encrypted security technology (HTTPS). It is your guarantee that all applications are treated confidentially and encrypted.

General conditions for Etsilaina

When you use Firstborn Group / Etsilaina, you simultaneously accept our cookies — and privacy policy.

Firstborn Group / Etsilaina transmits your loan application securely and encrypted to our Partners. Firstborn Group / Etsilaina are exclusively responsible for the mediation of your loan application and not the lending nor brokerage itself.

Separate general conditions specifying your legal relationship directly with the Partners applies and is handled directly with the Partners outside the flow of Firstborn Group / Etsilaina.

In connection with your loan application, a credit report from the credit agency of the Partners choose is carried out.

We are a free and non-binding service

You can use the service free of charge and without obligation. This means that you can always use us to research the market.


In order to give you the best possible experience throughout the loan process, we try to help you as best we can throughout the application process. Therefore, you can receive relevant information in relation to our partners’ products, your loan application, reminders during the actual borrowing as well as relevant news and offers. You can receive information via e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp. All our communications shall be regarded as a service and may be terminated at any time by contacting us via e-mail.

Registration of data

In order to receive offers, it requires that you fill in our encrypted and secure application form.


If you have something to complain about regarding your experience using our service, you can contact [email protected].

We would also like to hear from you if you have any feedback or comments regarding our services.


Firstborn Group / Etsilaina markets the service for the Partners. Firstborn Group / Etsilaina are therefore in no way responsible for the relationship between the Partners and the borrower. Firstborn Group / Etsilaina cannot be held responsible on the basis of information made available. Information via Firstborn Group / Etsilaina or via e-mail should in no way be considered financial advice.

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