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We are ROI Media Ltd. Our company registration number is 12305160 (Registered in England and Wales) and our address is Squire Patton Boggs, No 1 Spinningfields, 1 Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3EB, United Kingdom.

The content in this section below covers information about the companies we have acquired and the associated websites we own. It’s quite a lot of information so, for the remainder of this document, we’ll just collectively refer to ourselves as “we”, “us”, or “our”. Nice and simple.

Companies and websites we own

Please see this page for information about the websites we operate and which of our companies own each website.

We acquire other businesses and because of this, you/your personal data may have become associated with us through one of these companies. For reference, these companies are listed below.

  • Firstborn Group Ltd (12822767, England and Wales)
  • Firstborn ApS (35857575, Denmark)
  • Finansweb AS (927540045, Norway)
  • Firstborn Group AB (559365-5169, Sweden)
  • Uni Finance ApS (39513102, Denmark)

How to contact us

Please use one of the following methods to contact us.

Customer service

We can be reached using the live chat facility on our websites or by emailing support. The email address is [email protected].


We can be reached using the live chat facility on our websites or by emailing support. The email address is [email protected].


Our websites offer free services which allow you to compare different financial services. We strive to help our users make informed and well-founded decisions when choosing a product. We do not provide any bank accounts, credit cards or any financial lending directly; everything presented via our websites is provided by our third-party partners.

We use affiliate links and white-label application forms on our websites. Through these mechanisms, we receive a commission for referring customers. All links from our websites that lead to third-party partners’ websites are affiliate links/forms. These links/forms tell the companies that the traffic comes from us and based on that, we get a commission. This commission cost is borne by the third-party partner, not you; our service is free for you to use.

Intellectual property

All information contained on our websites is the intellectual property of ourselves and/or our licensors. You retain ownership of the content you to submit to us via our websites and communication channels.

Your responsibilities

  • We are not financial advisers. Nor do we offer products/services directly. We strongly recommend that you budget your finances before applying for any product/service.
  • All information you submit on our websites is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and true.
  • You are at least 18 years of age (including joint and business applications)
  • You will not permit other individuals to submit applications on your behalf unless the application is a joint application. In such cases, the person submitting the application does so with the full knowledge and consent of their co-applicant.
  • When submitting an application on our websites you will provide all information reasonably required to complete that application.

Disclaimer and liability

  • While we always strive to achieve the highest standards of availability, we do not guarantee that our websites will operate continuously and without fault.
  • We may occasionally need to performance website and/or server maintenance on our systems. This may result in website outages. We will endeavour to keep outages to a minimum.
  • We always try to ensure that the information and systems provided to us by our third party partners is accurate and error free. However, sometimes changes to these are out of our control and we therefore cannot accept responsibility for them.
  • You/the business you represent are solely responsible for any loss or damage which may result from a product/service you applied for on our websites or from the use of our websites in general.
  • We do not take responsibility for damages or conflicts regarding loans or agreements between you/the business you represent and a third-party partner.
  • We cannot be claimed for compensation for damages or be seen as involved in any disputes that arise between you/the business you represent and a third-party partner.
  • We have no part whatsoever in the agreements written between you/the business you represent and the third-party partner.

Changes to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to make amendments to this document. Should we make any changes to this document they will be documented on our website. If they are significant changes we will inform you via email or sms using the records we have on file for you.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions

Access and use of our websites is subject to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. By accessing and using any of our websites you are agreeing to act in accordance with these terms and conditions. Should you not agree with any/all of them you must cease using our websites immediately. You can find a list of website to which these terms and conditions apply on this page.


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